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News: Pixar Fest Roundup

The Food and Wine festival may still be going on, but Disney has just announced more details of the upcoming Pixar Fest, which starts April 13 and runs through to September 3,

First, there’s going to be a new fireworks show, entitled “Together Forever—A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”. While this will probably not include the Rick Astley song of the same name, this show will feature projections on the castle, Rivers of America, the outside of It’s a Small World, and the buildings on Main Street, and it will also feature some new things buzzing up around the castle. (Spoiler alert: it’s Buzz Lightyear and the house from Up. See what I did there?)

Pixar Fest also brings the return of the “Paint the Night” parade, the high-tech cousin of the Main Street Electrical Parade. There’s a monstrous new float this time around. (It’s Monsters, Inc.)

Pixar Fest also brings some new food and merchandise (naturally) along with it. Included in the items is a Coco-themed chocolate and vanilla churro, a Lots-o’-Straw-“bear”-y Funnel Cake (this is how they spelled it on their own site) and a surprisingly snake-free Woody Boot that holds the Boot Beer Root Beer Float.

They’re really going all out with the pun names.

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